Being commissioned to create a Christmas Card is a unique opportunity, Kerry Curl reflects on  her experience of producing the Norwich University of the Arts Christmas card 2017.

Being commissioned as the artist to produce the Norwich University of the Arts Christmas card has been such an honor. When NUA first approached me to offer this opportunity I was surprised to say the least but absolutely delighted.

I'm often asked how I come up with my ideas and who my influences are and the list is long. Colours, pieces of clothing, objects, album art, film, people I pass in the street - to name just a few. For this project Christmas music, nativity scenes and lots of old editions of Top of The Pops all formed part of my research.

The image nods to Christmas but I also wanted to make an image would also stand-alone beyond the festivities.  The image is loaded with subtle references to Christmas – I was determined to get snow in there somewhere...the other references (beyond the turkey which took ten hours to cook and two of us to carry!) I'll leave for people to ponder...

This image now joins part of an ongoing project titled 'This is not Nostalgia' which began in university. The work explores whether curating influences from the past necessarily means the images themselves are 'retro'. These style influences are all around us in the here and now. They are current.

Photography: Kerry Curl

Styling Assistant: Alex Hill

Model: India Aono-Bilson

This image was created for Norwich University of the Arts December 2017